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Fan Reporter

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Fan Reporter

VROZ strives to be an open internet news created by everyone together. Not only promotional materials provided directly by virtual streamers and MCN companies are published, but also fans of virtual streamers can write articles directly or submit new information that has not yet been published.

It is impossible to publish all the information of virtual streamers from all over the world, so active participation and support from fans is needed. Please share the various information about the virtual streamers you support with everyone. VROZ will actively support all virtual streamers and fans.

Please press the article submission button below and submit the URL of new information or write an article. The article will be published with the nickname of the person who sent it. Thank you for your participation.

Fan Translator

Articles written on VROZ are translated into English and Japanese, providing fans from both English-speaking and Japanese-speaking countries. However, due to the limitations of real-time translation, we are accepting fan translations. We also accept requests for corrections if there are any typos or problems with the expression.

If you see an article that has not yet been translated or has typos, please press the button below or the button at the bottom of the article to join the translation work! The nickname of the person who participated in the translation will be posted with the translated article. We look forward to your participation.