Screena, Release of an Automatic Watchalong Timer Widget for Twitch/YouTube That Requires No Counting One, Two, Three

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Editor VROZ
  2023.07.18 15:30
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▲ The Watchalong Live Streaming Using a custom timer 

ⓒ Screena


[Press Release = Screena] The 'Watchalong Timer' is a widget that automatically fetches playback information of the content being watched on OTT platforms and displays it on the live streaming screen. When a streamer plays their favorite movie, like 'Mother and Children,' and starts the timer, the current OTT platform being used, the episode being watched, and the playback position are automatically shown on the streaming screen.


In traditional watchalongs, the streamers had to start the movie and then promptly activate the timer. It led to inevitable time discrepancies and the inconvenience of having to reset the settings for each new episode of a series.


On the other hand, Screena's Watchalong Timer automatically shares the playback information, eliminating these issues. Presently, Screena is integrated with 16 global OTT platforms, including Netflix, Disney Plus, and has plans to expand to markets in Japan, Taiwan, and other regions, catering to global streamers.


▲ Custom Timer Sample Created by Screena

ⓒ Screena


Meanwhile, with the newly updated custom timer feature, users can now have their own timers. They can order custom timers for free, tailored to their streaming concept and preferences. Requests for custom timers featuring their own characters or based on their favorite characters are pouring in, creating an explosive demand.


The ease of setting up the timer and the ability to straming watchalongs with one's own visuals are drawing considerable attention from streamers. The 'Watchalong Timer' is a free Chrome extension, and anyone can use it instantly by adding the program from the Chrome Web Store. Requests for free custom timer orders can be made through chat consultations on the official Screena website.


▶ Go to Screena Official Website

▶ Request Custom Timer Creation

▶ Learn About Timer Features


※ This article is an article-type advertisement provided by Screena. 

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