Privacy Policy
● Collection of Personal Information
In order to respond to inquiries, log connections, and check the number of article inquiries, BrozAsia Inc. collects the following personal information.
[Collection Items]
Name (or nickname), Contact number, Access IP information
[Method of Collection]
We will collect the information provided on the Contact page and inquire about articles.

● Purpose of Collection and Usage of Personal Information
Name (nickname), Contact information, Access IP information of the customer inquired about
[Check Connection Log, Article Playback Count]
Connection IP information

● Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information
Personal information will be destroyed without delay from the date when it is deemed unnecessary, such as when the purpose of processing personal information is achieved, the service is discontinued, or the business is terminated.

● Procedures and Methods for Destroying Personal Information
The Company shall promptly destroy the collected personal information if the purpose of use for which the personal information has been collected or provided is achieved.
[Discarding Procedure]
The company selects the personal information for which the reason for the destruction occurred and is destroyed with the approval of the company's personal information management manager.
[Method of Destruction]
This personal information will be permanently destroyed so that it cannot be recovered or reproduced electronically.

● Contact Information of the Person in Charge of Personal Information Management and the Person in Charge
[Personal Information Management Manager]
Name : HJ Lee
Affiliation : CEO
Phone number : 82-70-8882-9542
Email :
If you need any other reports or consultations regarding personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations.

[Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center]
118 /
[Information Protection Mark Certification Committe]
82-2-580-0533~4 /
[The Cybercrime Investigation Team of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office]
82-2-3480-2000 /
[Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center]
02-393-9112 /