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News Providing and Promotion

Submission∙Article Providing

At VROZ, we publish virtual streamer, creator, metabus, VR・AR, AI, and virtual human related news. If you would like to submit related information or provide an article, please press the button below to submit. It will be investigated, edited, and published internally.

Providing promotional materials

Virtual Streamers themselves, related MCN companies, or related Metaverse companies can provide promotional materials or press releases, which will be published on VROZ. In addition, by setting up each virtual streamer's page, we are building a system that can post various promotional materials or press releases at any time on VROZ.

If you are a virtual streamer or related MCN company interested, please contact us through the related inquiry page.

Advertising within the website

We are currently operating an advertisement panel where virtual streamers and MCN can promote themselves in the VROZ Internet News. Please promote yourselves to the readers who visit VROZ! Please press the button below to inquire.