Interview with Tanigo Motoaki, CEO of COVER Corp., who runs hololive, on VROZ!

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  2023.09.13 10:00
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▲ Lee Hwang-jin (left), CEO of BrozAsia Corp., which operates VROZ, and Tanigo Motoaki, CEO of Cover Corp. 

ⓒ COVER Corp.


Japan's 'COVER Corporation', represented by 'Tanigo Motoaki', who operates the global VTuber group 'hololive Production', conducted an exclusive interview for the first time with 'VROZ', a specialized media company for Korean VTubers, on August 27, 2023 (Sunday).


This interview was arranged in early August by COVER Corporation, which expressed its desire to interview VROZ, a specialized media company for Korean VTubers. The interviews took place in a café in Gangnam, which was selected by VROZ, and each interview lasted for 45 minutes, accompanied by domestic community company.


In particular, the interview was conducted using the format of VROZ TV's video interview content called 'V-Terview.' This allowed for questions about the Korean market to be asked not only through text and photos but also through moving video. However, please note that this interview was agreed upon in early August, so we were unable to ask questions about 'DEV_IS,' who is currently debuting and active.


▲ VROZ employees prepared by setting up cameras from the morning.


VROZ TV's interview content 'V-Terview' had its pilot episode released on August 11th, featuring an interview with Lee Won-yong, a journalist from Global Economic, who not only covers economic news but also is a VTuber news. The interview with Tanigo Motoaki, CEO of Cover Corporation, was released as the first episode on September 13th (Wednesday) at 10 AM.


On the day of the interview, it was conducted in a friendly atmosphere with the assistance of an interpreter from within Cover Corporation. They discussed Tanigo Motoaki's impressions of visiting Korea, the enthusiastic support from Korean fans for hololive, and the connection between VROZ, which started with the hololive Korean-language newspaper launched in 2022.


▲ Tanigo Motoaki, CEO of COVER Corp.

On that day, he preferred to be addressed as "Tanigo Motoaki," not YAGOO.

ⓒ COVER Corp.


Lee Hwang-jin, CEO of BrozAsia Corp., which operates VROZ and also serves as the MC for V-Terview, mentioned that discussions about various collaborations with hololive had been ongoing even before this interview was arranged. He expressed his commitment to soon showcase the results to those who love Korea's YouTuber culture.


During his visit, Tanigo Motoaki had some business meetings and was spotted visiting Aniplus Hapjeong, where the hololive 4th Gen Collaboration Cafe was being held on August 26th. This garnered attention from many fans. Despite the possibility of the interview being canceled due to server issues with Z-aN, the platform responsible for the paid streaming service of the scheduled hololive SUMMER LIVE 'SPLASH PARTY!' on August 26th (Saturday), COVER Corporation chose to honor their commitments and continued with the scheduled activities. After completing the two interviews, Tanigo Motoaki headed to the Venue of Seoul Popcorn(Seoul Pop Culture Convention) to watch the performance of hololive Indonesia members.



▲ Tanigo, the CEO, watching the hololive Indonesia stage at Seoul Popcon(Seoul Pop Culture Convention).

Unfortunately, many people didn't recognize him.

ⓒ Cover Corp.


Through the interview with VROZ, it can be checked on VROZ TV's V-Terview Episode 1 video to see what Tanigo Motoaki, the CEO, shared with Korean fans.

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