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hololive Indonesia released their 4th anniversary goods, and noticed about the project, 're4ge' 2024. 04. 08.
Unnämed Sends Donations and Messages of Support to Taiwanese Fans Affected by Earthquake... 2024. 04. 04.
hololive Shirakami Fubuki's HELLO! GOOD SMILE figure is now available for pre-order 2024. 03. 29.
hololive EN Ninomae Ina'nis's new outfit reveal stream will take place on March 31 2024. 03. 29.
hololive 'Himemori Luna's 4th anniversary live and 'Mori Calliope's birthday celebration live will take place 2024. 03. 28.
May Event
The first recruitment of Fan Reporter and Fan Translator is closed. 2023-03-07
English and Japanese Twitter open! Android app released! 2023-02-08
Web Magazine VROZ specializing in virtual streamers, launched on February 6th! 2023-02-06