hololive's Laplus Darkness 2023 birthday celebration merches are now available!

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Reporter BJ
  2023.05.25 22:30
  한국어 | English

ⓒ Laplus Darkness / COVER Corp.


Laplus Darkness, a member of secret society holoX, the 6th generation of the Japanese female VTuber group ‘hololive’, successfully completed a special stream to celebrate her 2023 birthday, and also announced the release of the birthday celebration merches.


Laplus Darkness held a special stream starting at 8 pm JST on May 25 (Thursday), 2023, her birthday. Tokoyami Towa, Sakura Miko, Takane Rui, Shirakami Fubuki, Amane Kanata, Kazama Iroha, and Oozora Subaru appeared in the stream, singing songs, performing ‘Hologra’ animation, and performing variety show. And there was also a v-log-like video that Laplus Darkness goes outside, just like last year's birthday stream.


This birthday celebration merches include an acrylic stand, a Laplus puppet doll with a moving mouth, and a pacifier-type smartphone ring, and as a bonus, a situation voice ‘With Laplus?’ and a selfie-style bromide card with the Laplus Darkness replica autograph, will be provided, if you purchase the set.


This birthday celebration merches are available on a pre-order basis. The ordering period will be from May 25 at 9 pm JST to June 26 at 6 pm JST, and the delivery period is scheduled from late September to late October 2023.


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